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Happy Sunday! 🌞

Have you ever made a commitment to yourself, only to break it when things got tough?

I started a 30-day challenge a week ago.

The rules are simple yet demanding:

  • Follow a diet (no junk food & no alcohol)
  • Strength training 4x per week
  • Yoga 1x per week
  • Daily meditation for 20 minutes
  • No screens (1 hour after waking up & 1 hour before sleep)
  • Daily reading of 10 pages
  • Sauna + ice bath 3x per week
  • No Netflix on weekdays

Four days in, I found myself tempted to ease the rules.

You see, I went out to dinner with friends and really wanted an espresso martini.

It seemed small, just one drink, especially when I was following all the other rules on my list. After all, what harm could one drink do?

It felt insignificant compared to the progress I was making in other areas.

But that’s the trap – it starts with one small compromise.

It got me thinking – If I change these rules just because it gets a little uncomfortable, what does that say about me?

Does my word mean nothing if I can so easily pretend I’m not being weak but instead “choosing” to change the game?

I didn’t order that cocktail.

I woke up the next day feeling proud of myself and empowered.

Nothing feels better than staying committed and keeping your word to yourself.

We all face these moments.

We say we’re going to do something, but when it gets uncomfortable, we back down and settle for less.

Each time we do, it becomes harder to trust our own word.

We start making excuses, and then what happens?

We abandon our goals, making it harder to believe in our own abilities.

How many times have you said you’ll start eating healthy, only to give up after two days?

How many times have you said you’ll go to the gym tomorrow, but that tomorrow never comes?

This pattern weakens our self-confidence and keeps us stuck in a cycle of unfulfilled promises.

This is why it’s crucial to do what we say we’re going to do.

Good thing, there’s a way to turn this around.

By sticking to your word, even when it’s difficult, you begin to build a foundation of trust with yourself.

Each small victory reinforces your capability and makes you stronger.

You prove to yourself that you have what it takes to overcome challenges and stay true to your intentions.

Today, I invite you to begin with a personal 7-day challenge.

Choose something you’ve wanted to change or improve for a while and set your own rules.

Commit fully.

Once you’ve conquered that, move on to a 14-day challenge.

Then set a 30-day goal, and eventually aim for 3 months.

Show yourself how strong you are.

I promise, you’ll gain so much confidence, and that will help you transform your life.

Let’s build the momentum together! 🚀