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Hello friends! 🙌

I’ve been pushing myself in every area of my life for quite some time.

“I need to be an example.”

“I need to build this business fast.”

“I need to inspire others to make progress.”

“I need to make a lot of money.”

“I need to be happy every day. Happiness is a choice.”

“I need to be insanely fit.”

However, I soon learned an important lesson.

Operating under a constant cloud of anxiety and unrealistic expectations is impossible to maintain.

You must force yourself to do things when you’re honestly slacking, making excuses, and waiting for a perfect moment.

But when driven by comparison or societal expectations, you risk following a path that isn’t true to who you are or what you truly want.

One of the best things you can do when you feel lost in the process and overwhelmed is to take a step back and think about the reasons behind your actions.

Are they aligned with your values, dreams, and goals? Or are they simply a response to external pressures?

It is important to pause, reflect, and ensure that your efforts serve your own vision for your life, not someone else’s.

As Robin Sharma said – “Busy and faster doesn’t always lead to bigger and better.”

By deleting all the unnecessary noise around you, you can get your answers, reassess, and realign with your true self.

My experience taught me to take it easy sometimes and take a step back.

And these tips might help you to do so:

  • Clear your schedule for a couple of days to clear your mind.
  • Release any self-judgment or guilt associated with taking this essential break.
  • Enjoy simple things, like reading a book or taking a nap.
  • Connect with nature. Breathe.
  • Embrace stillness through meditation or allowing yourself to simply “be,” making space for insights to surface naturally.
  • Write down your revelations, recognizing that sometimes stepping back is the key to gaining new momentum.

Shifting the focus from external validation to internal satisfaction, from comparison to self-reflection, can be transformative.

Slow down to speed up.

Discovery of the week

I am currently reading:

An easy read full of profound wisdom on how to handle tough times and make good choices, shared by one of history’s greatest entrepreneurs.

  1. A quote I found inspiring:

Life’s purpose is in our existence, not in the crazy race for achievements beyond our being.

Let’s build the momentum together! 🚀